• Joy of Success

    For us, the real joy of success is being able to truly empower you to live life on God's terms. -- This means going into the world and doing good works. Most of the time this takes money and that is where we can help. If you are looking to work for God in any way and need help, contact us with your mission and we will make it our goal to assist you. If you don't know what to do then contact us and we can direct you to a path that will utilize your talents to the goal of spreading God's love.

  • Red Cross

    The Red Cross comes to the rescue when you need it most. They provide food, shelter, medical care, and so much more. With all the natural disasters the world has seen lately the Red Cross has been severely depleted. You can come to their rescue simply by playing in our World Record Free Poker Tournament. You can also donate to the red cross and play even more.

  • Gambling Help

    Gambling can be an addiction like many things in life. Gambling Addiction doesn't just affect your life it impacts others around you. Heavenís Painted Picture has a solution that replaces gambling with something better than gambling. You will never risk your own money with our Non-Gambling World Record Free tournaments and you can feel good about playing because we donate money to charity.

  • Unite to Make a Difference

    There are many people in the world trying to make a difference and trying to spread the message of God. We are interested in your success with this as Your Success is Our Success. We are a unique company among Internet-based companies that raise money from ventures and use that money to make a real difference in the lives of others by filling them with God's Love.


We are to help one another with the trials and tribulations laid before us. Here at Heaven's Painted Picture, we believe in working together to spread God's love in a way that is effective in overcoming hatred. We do this by taking the opportunity to sew a seed of God's love, helping people who really need help, and changing their lives forever. This is a location where we unite to achieve a greater purpose together.

Our Purpose

Helping People in Need

Our mission in life is to spread as much of God's love in the world as we can. This is achieved by first helping people who have needs and problems. We work to solve all their problems and issues without them knowing who we are or that we are doing this. Our goal is to spread God's love, not our love.

Spreading Godís Love

After solving their problems we present the solutions in a single moment designed to fill their hearts so full of love they actually cry. This moment is carefully designed and carried out to be effective and uses music, visuals, acting, and so much more. For God we will go all out.

Changing Lives Forever

A person who has their heart filled with God's love will never forget the feeling and will go out and spread that love even more. This creates a snowball effect and continues the spreading of love to many others.